"Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; and healeth all thy diseases."

Psalm 103:3 AV 1611

More physical miracles He has done:
 I had MVP (mitral-valve pro-lapse) diagnosed at Loyola Hospital when I was 25 years old; Loyola was a teaching hospital, so tons of students listened to the "click" in my heartbeat; in my mid-thirties, a dentist wouldn't treat me unless I had verification and treatment for MVP.  I went to a hospital with the latest equipment, and there was NO MVP!! Also, 1982 was the last year I had a searing pain ripping through my left side and ending in my chest. Praise the Lord!

So many times, He answers prayer when I lose my glasses, my keys or something else. He'll show me right where they are! He has made pain go away when I asked Him to.  Whenever there is some sin I've done, then He brings that up and I pray and ask His forgiveness, before He will answer these prayers. He has answered so many prayers I have prayed that are publicly, unspoken.  Thank You, Father, thank You.

                                             More Bodies Healed from Cancer

An older sister at church utilized B 17 and her cancer was eliminated 30 years ago.

A saved fundamentalist Baptist pastor in Illinois, utilized laetrile treatments over 31 years ago, and has been cancer-free ever since. He stayed on the Haleleujah Diet for 8 years also. He also prayed much for healing throughout his body, and had many saints praying with/for him.

Another story of healing, from an unbeliever...


Please, send your comments, salvation story, or healing testimony to abbashealing@yahoo.com.  I will be glad to add it to this page!
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