Whole apricot extract is best and most reasonable from Pure Herbs Ltd., whose products are online or at a health store. You may want to call first and see who has it and for how much.

The other herbs are best and most reasonable from Nature’s Sunshine, whose products are online, or at health stores.  As a cancer patient or helper, you'll do best to call and see if they have your herbs first.  Save gas and your own energy, right.

This plan is really effective, from what I've experienced and from the testimonies of others.

To read testimonies regarding how well the diet/herbs worked, click on these:^WEBUTLTY(200,473498)/1067916356

Never worry if you find new natural info with a good track record (actual healing), please share it.  We all need each other’s input and can help build up each other’s health, by God’s grace.

A very inspirational website, the story of how Ron Czlonka was healed from brain cancer,  is at

Other protocols plus diet to look up on Google:

Essiac tea has  worked for thousands of North Americans in the past. In Essiac,  A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy, by Cynthia Olsen,  bloodroot tincture was used with Essiac with success, see pages 103-108. New toxins are here, now, and this is what worked.

Oleander in conjunction with other herbs is being used successfully...go to:

Barley Tablets cure:
(The company, Green Supreme, has both quality and good price); (Quite affordable.)

Dr. Brandt grape cure;

Dr. Budwig flaxseed oil/cottage cheese cure;

B-17 or Apricot kernel cure (Our Father’s Farm), also called laetrile;

The Ann Wigmore Institute, wheatgrass cure;

Bill Henderson’s Cancer-Free website;

IP-6, rice bran cure, from Japan;

AIDS: (copy and paste in address bar) Jergon Sacha:

Check any plan you choose with a good health practitioner who has success in healing people. Make sure you're taking the herbs and foods into your body that will be effective.

Notice, cancer plans almost always have a vegetarian diet to go with the herbs. In The Bible, herbs were used for healing and for eating. Herbs are sometimes called vegetables in the original Greek of the New Testament, also.  Intriguing!

write me, Marilyn, at I check my email daily except on Sunday!


Another site that's really got great info, on 78 alternative cancer plans is as follows:, mentioned on a previous page, also has tons of info; it also addresses cures for AIDS!, has many forums for cancer and much more!

Always check to see if a plan only diminishes the cancer, or actually eliminates the cancer!


Miracles do happen. You can KNOW you have a miracle, when testing confirms it.

For example: I had mitral-valve pro-lapse, in the 80's. People prayed, God healed me of it, but testing proved it. I was blessed to have two tests prove it was no longer there. Praise the Lord! There was no other cure for it back then, that I know of.

My uncle was healed of brain cancer thru prayer. Apparently, neither he nor anyone around him knew of the healing organic diet and organic living. The cancer returned, tragically, and killed him.  I feel anger and sorrow over his death to this day! Lord, help me forgive those who deliberately do not offer healing and longevity to cancer patients.

From my reading,  I believe we need herbs and we need to eat organically and mostly  fresh  vegetarian, as totally chemical-free and toxin-free as possible! I have many toxic mercury fillings and root canals that I am praying about until I can have them safely removed!

And we must stay anti-cancer...Bill Henderson's site, Cancer-Free, tells us how to stay cancer-free, once that you are. He also has a plan to be cancer-free, if you have cancer. I'm extemely low-income, so I do Essiac tea and rejuvelac, and eat almost totally organic, with little exception.

YOU ARE HEALED! pronouncements:

Once that is confirmed or denied by testing, do you know what to do next?


(1.) I believe only God and His Son, Jesus, really know if you are healed or not; people need testing; if you or he/she is mistaken, you could still die from cancer.

(2.) Find out how to eat and live to prevent the cancer from coming back, and to be healthy and feeling great!

There is a wealth of info on the Internet for anti-cancer diet and living...!!!

Adding It All Up

Good positive comments by healers are wonderful. However, if someone declares you are healed,in my opinion there are two things one must do:
1. PLEASE get testing to confirm or deny that, no matter how good you feel; if it's true, HALELUJAH! dance and shout.
2. Then, be faithful: eat organic and stay anti-cancer;
with an
anti-cancer diet,
daily walking and
simple, chemical-free living habits;
as you get healthy,*help others*
keep improving throughout your life....or toxins or stress may cause cancer again.
 We can stay healthy!!!
*** HUGS***

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